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Mar. 2nd, 2015

I was standing at the corner waiting to cross the street.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, the thought occurred to me thay I don't need nor require the use of this hemi walker and that this has been entirely constructed in the confines of my mind.  As a result, I threw the walker in the trash and bolted across Broadway on 72nd Street to meet my appointment at the eye doctor.

And then I woke up, just grateful to have another day, regardless of how mundane, boring, or challenging it may seem.

My going to IAGSDC convention is in-the-balance now as dancing may not be an option.



I've come to believe that education is like building an airplane - while flying it!

Miss Saigon

So I departed for Milan a week ago today to meet with Max (the next day) and we traveled to London together.

One of the reasons for the trip to London was to see the new 25th Anniversary production of "Miss Saigon"

It was absolutely amazing!  Here's how the whole scenario played out... From 4:30am (ET USA) on Wednesday to 11:45pm (GMT) Thursday without real "sleep" (cat naps, but nothing major).

We both slept until 4pm on Friday, waking up just in time to hit the pubs with some local friends.

How was the show?  When it hits NYC (and I hope it does) it will do quite well.  One drawback: they used a drop of a skyline to create "Atlanta" - however, they used the Renaissance Center which is actually located in Detroit.  I was going to write Cameron himself to ask that he not think Americans are stupid enough to not recognize that building and that it comes from Detroit.  While it doesn't detract from the story, I kept asking myself "why did they choose to represent Detroit - was it because the building with SIX towers looks cooler than the Atlanta skyline?"

The helicopter scene (and Kim's Nightmare) have been totally reconceived.  Definitely worth seeing!  I got the 2CD set (17GBP) and a souvenir program (no Playbills in London, sorry).

I can't wait to go back again!


Is this thing still turned-on?

A view from the Quebec Countryside

I've been working on my photo skills again lately. What do you think?

Amtrak #68 (Montreal - New York) on Saturday, 11 August 2012

Winter in July

No... we really didn't just have a blizzard in Palm Springs.

Ain't he cute?!?

Taken at the State Capitol Building in Honolulu, HI.

Chip (bearfuz) could be on the cover of a magazine, for sure.

Oh wait... I'm having a flashback!

What a difference a "D" makes

The other day I went to the local Lowes home improvement store to take care of some business. This cart has been outside the store for some time and, now, having recently returned from the Islands, I can't help but wince when I see this.

You see... there is no "D" in Hawaiian Shave Ice. I was going to tell the woman behind the counter (the owner, perhaps?) but decided against it. After all, what difference would a little detail like that really make to the people who utilize her services? Probably none. Would I truly have felt as though I had done something worthwhile by pointing out her mistake? Not really.

I thought I had let it go, but then I'm writing about it here. That's me.

In other news, Phil and I are driving to Irvine to see Men Alive - The Orange County Gay Men's Chorus at the Barclay Center for their concert of "Von Trapped"- a spoof on "The Sound of Music". This chorus premiered most of their concert for the recent GALA Choruses conference recently held in Denver (which Phil go to see).

Daily Travail


Another day in Southern California. Should the "s" in Southern be capitalized? Some think it should. Me? I don't really care one way or the other, unless it's supposed to be.

I find that with every trip here I have created a list of things to do and people to see. More often than not, unlike bearfuz, I usually don't get to complete most of those lists for one reason or another. Prioritization is quite key in such circumstances!

I just woke up a couple hours ago (finally on Pacific time) and am ready for a nap now. Go figure!